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Do you swim in your Fitbit?

If you use your device whilst swimming then I'm afraid a repair or a refurbished device is probably not the best solution for you. Once your device receives any sort of physical damage or need parts replacing, the original water seal is compromised.

Although we create a new waterproof barrier when we reseal the device, we recommend keeping your device away from water as much as possible after repair. Some repair services won't be this honest with you but we don't just aim to provide a short term solution with our repair service.

Pay a fraction of the price for a fitbit repair or a refurbished fitbit!

We aim to offer repairs at around half the cost of buying the device new. This is not always possible due to the costs of parts on our end however we will only offer repairs that provide a much cheaper alternative and manage to achieve at least this 50% saving on most repairs that we provide.

We at FixFitbits are here to service your Fitbit repair needs

Fitbit products use various technological methods to track and display your activity and with this complexity comes a number of issues that could arise.

Fitbit uses various technological methods to track activity:

A 3-axis accelerometer tracks step counts

GPS data tracks distance travelled

An altimeter sensor detects increases in elevation to track floors climbed

Basal metabolic rate combined with user activity tracks calories burned

Please note that we are a repair company that services Fitbits - we are not Fitbit! We therefore aren't able to repair all faults so its best to first send in an inquiry before sending us your Fitbit


Discount for multiple faults

If multiple faults are affecting your Fitbit, we'll discount the cost of the individual repair prices, or if the issues become non economical, we have a wide range of refurbished Fitbits for you to choose from. All of this will be communicated to you quickly and clearly, as we update you through the process from the quotation, the inspection and to when they've been repaired and posted.

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If you've found us by searching the following common faults: Fitbit charge 2 screen replacement, Fitbit charge 3 replacement, Fitbit versa screen replacement, Fitbit versa 2 screen replacement, Fitbit versa 3 screen replacement, Fitbit versa 4 screen replacement, Fitbit Ionic screen replacement, Fitbit Sense screen replacement or Fitbit Sense 2 screen replacement, waste no time and head straight over to the individual model pages for exact pricing for the repair you're looking for.

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