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Our online store is COMING SOON!

For now you have two ways to order:

1. Buy directly from our eBay store

2. Email us your order at to receive a 5% discount.


Buying parts from us removes any doubt that you might buy a bad quality part and will be posted from the UK within 1 working day of order.

Our Fitbit Screen Prices: 

Fitbit Charge 2 Screen Cover - £19

Fitbit Charge 2 LCD Screen & Screen Cover - £30

Fitbit Charge 3 Screen - £30

Fitbit Ionic Screen - £30

Fitbit Versa Screen - £34

Fitbit Versa 2 Screen - £40

Fitbit Versa 3 Screen - £70

Fitbit Sense Screen - £70

If your Fitbit is need of any other repairs and you feel comfortable repairing them yourself then you're i the right place. If need other replacement parts, such as Fitbit strap replacements, battery replacements and motherboard replacements, send us an email to check out our current availability.

If you're not comfortable repairing them yourself then send us over an inquiry on our Get A Quote page.

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